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online dating tips : Precisely why folks ought not conduct internet dating – Whether on the internet as well as

In the talk with STRG-ALT-ENTF, Nicole Ofenloch-Wendel, Cognitive Solutions Leader at IBM, cleared up the most common myths about AI and focused on the opportunities as well as mere marketing promises.

Germany’s largest AI event, the Big Data AI Summit in Berlin on April 1st and 2nd, 2020, also offers more on this topic:

The digital year 2019 is slowly coming down – reason for us to start again and look back on the highlights of the year from STRG-ALT-ENTF. We discuss the most important tech topics in 2019: Cybercrime, copyright, women in the tech world, 5G, artificial intelligence, new work, the future of payment, e-mobility and tips for startup founders. And finally, let’s take a look at the digital crystal ball.

The first taxi app that brought drivers and passengers together – that was MyTaxi. Today the company is called FREE NOW, is part of the ride-hailing joint venture between BMW and Daimler and offers Mobility as a Service. How we will move in the future, what different mobility requirements people have, what FREE NOW is planning for this and where politicians should adapt the rules of the game, that is what Europe CEO Eckart Diepenhorst recently explained to us in his keynote at the Digital Mobility Conference.

Julian Teicke is planning nothing less than the digital revolution of the insurance industry with wefox. He says: Insurance has degenerated into a product that confuses and scares people. And that should change with wefox. How he and his team want to achieve this, why the work culture plays a major role at wefox, what his most important learnings are as a founder and why he actually never wanted to work in the insurance industry – he reveals that and more in an interview with Ctrl-Alt-Del .

One of the pioneers in artificial intelligence and machine learning is the tech group IBM. Using its AI expertise, IBM has teamed up with a major fashion brand to address the most pressing problem facing online retailers: returns. IBM expert Mirko Minnich recently presented at the Digital Retail Conference how returns can be better predicted using machine learning and how online retailers can significantly reduce their costs.

Online shop, marketplace, tech company – Zalando is all of this. To make it as easy as possible for potential customers to find and buy suitable clothing for themselves, Anne Pascual and her team ensure the best possible user experience. As Vice President Product Design at Zalando, she deals with the topics of customer journeys, user interfaces and the perfect shopping experience. What is good product design? What role does artificial intelligence play in approaching customers individually? And how do I find the perfect outfit? Anne Pascual explains that and more with Ctrl-Alt-Del.

Not only how you work is important in the course of New Work, but also with whom.

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online dating tips : Exactly why folks shouldn’t perform internet dating – Whether or not on the web or

Rule 2: Talk to me and not my companion when it comes to my concerns!

It happens again and again that people speak to my friends when it’s actually about my concerns. For example, they explain to my companion where the barrier-free access is in the museum, even though she does not use a bike or wheelchair herself. I always get really angry because you can see very clearly that I’m smaller, but still a grown woman. Often I then draw attention to myself by taking the floor. In order to appear particularly adult, I started as a teenager, for example, to express myself in a specially chosen way. Rebecca also uses these strategies.

Better: Talk to the disabled person themselves and not their companion. There is also the curious assumption that short people might also have cognitive disabilities. Be aware that short stature or a wheelchair does not tell you anything about a person’s state of consciousness or age. Therefore, it is also rude not to cast off myself as an adult.

Tina, 29, actually works as a tantra masseuse. As a sexual companion, she enables people with disabilities to have self-determined sexual experiences.

Some acquaintances very quickly develop a great interest in what everyday life as a disabled woman looks like and ask me about it. In the long run this tires me and Rebecca as well as unnecessary help, so we agreed immediately. Realize that everyone with a disability has these conversations about three times a week. It’s nice if you’re interested in how I get on the train, for example, or where I buy my clothes as a short woman. But sometimes it’s too much for me. This also applies to children’s questions.

Better: first ask nicely, that’s okay. But don’t ask me about my life with a disability, especially my diagnoses. Also accept it if I do not want to explain to you or your child why I am short, but prefer to eat my ice cream. Better to talk to your kids about it in the quiet back home if they keep asking questions. You can also avoid many questions from children if you talk to them as early as possible about the fact that there are disabled people.

Rule 4: Disabled people are different. Just because your friend Alex thinks something is okay with a disability doesn’t mean that I think that’s okay

This argument can be applied to pretty much any disadvantaged group and is annoying. This often also applies to the subject of “jokes about people with disabilities”. Alex is short of stature and among thousands with walking difficulties. Disabled people are individuals and have different opinions. So don’t expect me to behave in any particular way, like joking about my disability, just because your boyfriend does it.

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online dating tips : Exactly why men and women probably should not carry out dating online – Whether on-line as well as

An impartial view is very helpful when choosing.

A nice and friendly reception ensures significantly more addresses and is usually only visible to members of the partner exchange.

Although men generally always think that they are taking the first step in getting to know each other, the gentlemen of creation only become active in bars if there were already a few glances from the lady that were perceived subconsciously. This “game of the sexes” is not possible in online dating. Therefore women should show themselves what they can do and calmly take the initiative. Don’t just use the nudge functions like smiling or the fun questions, but flirt directly with your dream man with a message. There is not much to lose and most men are even happy to take the initiative.

Courage is rewarded – so try to write to other users yourself and thus enlarge your known circle. Sometimes all that is needed is a beginning for great love.

Even if it can be difficult at times, creative communications are the most important thing in online dating. Certainly there are bad profiles on the single exchanges, sometimes without any statement. But even here, mass emails are not an option and should be avoided. If you don’t like a profile and you don’t know what to write, it makes sense not to send a message. So really only write to the people with whom you see chances of success.

Mass emails are taboo. Most dating sites recognize this type of spamming anyway and delete the profiles when it gets out of hand.

Always pay attention to your own posture. A trained reader can guess what this is by skimming the message. So always try to strike a friendly and above all optimistic tone. Unfortunately, the search for a partner on the Internet is not a sprint, but rather a marathon, in which there can be setbacks in terms of motivation.

An open and friendly attitude is essential. This is the only way to achieve the best results.

Lastly, you shouldn’t spend too much time getting to know each other online. Then only expectations and false images of the other build up, which quickly fall apart when you get to know each other properly. We know that the first date is never easy, but online flirting will also come at some point. Therefore, you should really only write for a few weeks and, if you are interested, arrange a meeting in a neutral place like a café. Never invite your dream man to your home, because a careful approach is always important when getting to know each other on the Internet.

Writing online for months creates false expectations that cannot be met, so arrange a proper meeting after a few weeks.

So if you take these 7 points to heart, online dating shouldn’t be a big hurdle for you. A meaningful profile and a personable photo are the basis for using dating sites. If you then get active yourself with friendly, humorous and individual messages, it should be a sure-fire success. But don’t forget to go on your first date at the right time. Take this last advice to heart and cyber love will soon become a solid partnership.

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online dating tips : The key reason why people today ought not conduct online dating – No matter whether online and also

Behind this were malicious actors who want to get to sensitive data of small and medium-sized companies. T-Online users are particularly affected, explains the EU authority. Deutsche Telekom announced countermeasures.

The fraudsters use counterfeit, existing, personal email addresses – in the current case from the spokesman for the European Commission in Germany, Reinhard Hönighaus. Similar emails had already been sent from the fraudulent domain in July and October. This is now blocked.

In Germany, bridging aid for companies is granted by the federal and state governments and not directly by the European Union. Information on this can be found on the web address set up by the federal government.

A deceptively real-looking letter, an unannounced visit at home or an unexpected phone call: disguised as alleged employees of the pension insurance, fraudsters try to obtain personal data or even the bank details of insured persons.

At present, according to the German Pension Insurance Association, dubious calls in particular are frequent. A typical scam:

In the cases mentioned, it is not a matter of calls from employees or persons commissioned by them, explains the pension insurance. Under no circumstances should those affected transfer money at home or abroad as a result of telephone requests.

In a brochure, the pension insurance company presents the most common tricks used by fraudsters and explains how you can best protect yourself from them.

The brochure can also be ordered from the free service hotline on 0800/1000 4800 or downloaded online from the pension insurance website.

Even if you have the money for it: Ordering a Playstation 5 (PS5) online is difficult or even impossible these days due to the high demand. As a silver lining on the gamer’s horizon, there appear PS5 competitions, which can currently be found on many Internet sites and also in social networks.

These competitions can be serious, but they don’t have to be. Contests and raffles are often used to collect data for advertising purposes. Criminal phishing attacks or the fraudulent collection of likes can also be behind it.

In any case, you should critically examine who is behind the competition and whether it is worth giving up your data for a competition, advises the Lower Saxony consumer center.

Build a large fortune with small amounts – such promises just sound too good. Beware, fraudsters are often lurking behind them, warns the Association of German Banks in Berlin. However, consumers can protect themselves with simple tricks:

In several places in Germany, according to the police, fraudsters in public spaces have posed as corona inspectors. The trick: As alleged security officials, they collect fines from people who are without mouth and nose protection or who do not adhere to the distance rules. This is how you can recognize real controllers:

It is also important to know: “Nobody is obliged to pay a fine in cash,” says the state and federal police crime prevention department.

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online dating tips : Precisely why men and women ought not carry out online dating service – No matter whether on the internet or even

Using dating apps like Tinder, Lovoo, Bumble and Co. is no longer uncommon today. As a Bitkom study from 2019 shows, every third German looks for love on the Internet. So online dating is trendy – but how do you protect yourself from fraudsters and other dangers? After all, finding a partner on the Internet also has certain downsides. The following 10 tips for safer online dating will help you reduce the risk of being scammed.

In a pool of flirtatious interlocutors and potential dates, there are often fraudsters. With the help of identity forgeries and other fraudulent schemes, criminals get the personal information or private photos of their flirt partners. Identity theft is just a crime for online dating fraudsters. “Romance Scamming”, the pretending to be in love in order to obtain financial support, bullying, physical distress, stalking and blackmail are also dangers of online dating. To avoid being targeted by fraudsters, you should know how to recognize a potential attack and how to protect yourself from it. The following 10 tips for safer online dating will help you find out about scammers.

Online dating safety starts with choosing the right platform. Free apps or online portals often lack the financial resources to adequately protect users. So it makes sense to put a little money into your hands and trust partner exchanges that carry out thorough personal verification and are TÜV tested, such as Parship, eDarling or ElitePartner.

In the case of free online dating offers, you should inform yourself in advance about the security of the platform in the terms and conditions. A look at customer service also tells you how important the security of its members is to the partner exchange. The broader the customer service, the greater the likelihood that users’ concerns will be taken seriously.

This is of course easier said than done, but there are certain indications that suggest that a profile is a “fake profile”. Could the person be perfectly staged like a model in the only photo they have online? Does it only give standard answers and always remains on the surface? You can recognize a “fake profile” based on such clues. As soon as you’ve discovered a suspicious account, you should report it to the platform and block it directly.

Professional and good-looking photos are sometimes stolen from the Internet or come from online picture archives. You can use Google reverse search to uncover fake photos. This works best in Chrome.

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online dating tips : The key reason why persons should not accomplish online dating – If on-line or

Still, the first impression counts, just like in real life. Therefore choose a salutation that is as unusual as possible. “Hello stranger” sounds rather boring. More personal and therefore better: “Good evening to Berlin”.

A contact is charming if you respond to the other person’s profile. Ask lots of questions and point out similarities. It’s a good way to feel yourself. People also like to be approached about themselves. Use more ‘you’ words than ‘I’ words.

Don’t put too much pressure on yourself either, it’s not worth it. The content of your email does not have to be incredibly original, women in particular can sit back and relax: In 99 percent of cases, men feel so flattered when a woman is interested in them, the elite partner expert knows.

So be curious, friendly and respectful. Just as one would wish the other way around, then not much can go wrong.

And: respond to the self-description of the other, ask questions to make it easier to answer. Invite the other to visit your profile – maybe the first step to a whole new life.

Apart from cheekbones or large noses, which cannot (or only with difficulty!) Be changed, the following applies: In a photo for online profile pages, it is best to laugh, also to present yourself in action (for things that you enjoy doing), sideways Photographed images often appear more dynamic and flattering. “But it is better not to take too many photos, about three are ideal, too much quickly has a self-portrayal”, says Wiebke Neberich.

Mel DeLancey has already had 150 Tinder dates. She reveals how to start a good conversation, where the first rendezvous should lead and what the absolute no-gos when dating via smartphone.

But even if attractiveness on the partner market is an important currency and usually the first criterion on the basis of which one identifies a potential partner, the status naturally changes as soon as one wants to enter into a relationship. Then the beauty of the loved one loses its meaning, character traits become (finally, one might almost say) relevant. Women in particular prefer a less attractive partner with suitable inner values, but 44 percent of men would continue to choose the beautiful woman who might not suit them well. “We think: ‘What is beautiful is also good'”, says Martin Gründl, “That is a fallacy.”

In the beginning, affairs and relationships hardly differ: this is what researchers who have studied getting to know say. After a certain number of meetings, the sticking point comes when singles give up – or commit.

It’s cold, it’s dark, it’s a pandemic. Many people feel lonely and miss security. Flirting is almost only possible online. It can be a real opportunity if you do it right. (Video, 6 min)

After finding human remains of a missing Berliner, the police are now reporting a successful search. An arrest warrant was issued against a Berlin teacher. The background of the fact seems like something out of a horror movie.

Anyone who needs skilled workers has to prove their attractiveness as a company. Nothing is closer than proof of quality: the ServiceValue award “Germany’s best employer”.

The cell phone beeps, the heart pounds – “Flirtexting” is the name given to writing messages during the getting to know each other. Flirting on cell phone is standard these days, but it sounds easier than it is.

The quick love for Valentine’s Day? If a “love angel” organizes the flirting hectically every seven minutes, it can only go wrong. Nevertheless, speed dating is booming.

If the feet are too big, there is no second date: Singles have increasingly strict knockout criteria. Is it your own fault for being alone?

When searching for a partner on the Internet, people with unattractive first names are less likely to find love. Kevin rarely gets clicked – and Chantal is no better either.

You can only see a limited number of comments here. You can see all comments on and all functions are available to you.

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online dating tips : The reason folks should not conduct internet dating – Whether on the internet or perhaps

“If you want to be on the safe side, take a witness with you who can confirm the content of the letter and the task at the post office.” Of course, it is important to cancel in good time before the notice period so that you do not run into time with this procedure.

Schnuckiputzi123 or R. from K. – how much should you reveal about yourself when dating online? “The search for a partner is basically connected with disclosing very personal data,” says Clemens Adori. “You should also know that there are many regulations in the Federal Data Protection Act for dating portals that regulate the safe handling of personal data.” But the lawyer warns: “When giving personal data, you shouldn’t just keep the potential partners in mind but also those with whom you don’t want to stay in long-term contact. ”He advises:“ The profile data should therefore initially be rather economical. After making contact, you can then provide more information if you are reasonably aware of who you are dealing with. “

In order not to fall behind at the first meeting with the chosen one, it is advisable to provide honest information right from the start. Because great love shouldn’t begin with a lie …

Unfortunately not only singles use the dating sites on the Internet. More and more criminals are targeting users’ data and money. They use fictional profiles to get personal information and more from love-hungry women and men. A study shows: 58 percent of all users of dating apps and online dating agencies have already fallen victim to fraudsters. The two classic cases: Many criminals use a fake profile and feign great love in order to then beg for money. Other scammers like to threaten to publish the ambiguous photos and videos they received in the supposedly real chat.

If you have a watchful eye, nothing stands in the way of a successful partner search. And who knows: once you’ve taken the first step and registered on a reputable platform, you may soon meet the right person with whom you would like to spend the rest of your life.

She loves chocolate and her hometown Kevelaer on the Lower Rhine – which she also likes to share. Fortunately for her, the only thing missing is a horde of brownies who do the household for her. So that she can concentrate on what is really fun.

Clemens Adori is a partner at the SCHULZ KLUGE PARTNER law firm in Berlin. He is a specialist lawyer for copyright and media law. Further areas of law are IT law, industrial property rights / trademark law and tax advice. He is also a member of the expert commission and the complaints committee of the Voluntary Self-Monitoring Multimedia (FSM e.V.). SCHULZ KLUGE PARTNER is a partnership of specialized lawyers who advise and represent corporate and private clients throughout Europe.

Exchanging gifts is nowadays less frowned upon, almost “socially acceptable”, even when it comes to high-priced products, for example.

Useful legal tips, bizarre legal protection cases and other exciting topics – all of this is available in the ROLAND newsletter. Register now!

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online dating tips : The reason why people today must not conduct online dating – Regardless of whether on-line as well as

The free dating app Tinder has become one of the most popular dating sites thanks to its simple operation and quick selection options. We took a closer look at the portal and put together all the important facts and experiences of the members and tips on how to use it for you.

We have everything you need to know about Tinder: Find out what the app can do, what free functions there are, how much a subscription costs, how you can cancel it, who are members of Tinder, how you can set up and delete your profile. We also have nine helpful tips, including how to register, your profile text and your first Tinder dates.

The concept of Tinder has become a pioneer for many other dating sites. Paid dating agencies now also offer similar functions for fast dating in addition to individual tests. By taking a quick look at the other person’s photo and swiping left or right, you as a Tinder user decide for or against the person.

A like is created when you swipe to the right. When both have liked each other, a match arises. Only then can both singles write to each other. Below we have everything you need to know about the most successful fast dating app.

Tinder is a Dallas, Texas-based dating app that launched in September 2012. The English term “Tinder” means “Tinder” in German. It was first tested on the University of Southern California campus, where it spread within a very short time. It should make it easier for singles to get to know other singles in their immediate vicinity and lead to flirtations, friendships, non-binding sex or a relationship.

Tinder claims to have 6 million paying users out of a total of 50 million worldwide. Over 4.5 million people are registered in Germany. Due to its international fame, Tinder is also suitable for vacation flirtations and acquaintances during a stay abroad.

In contrast to chargeable dating sites like ElitePartner or Parship, which are mostly designed exclusively for relationships, all types of singles move on Tinder. Some are just looking for nice contacts, others want to flirt and date, others are looking for a one-night stand or an affair and some are also looking for a relationship.

Even if Tinder had a long reputation as a platform for one-night stands, Tinder couples are no longer uncommon. However, you should be quick to signal that you are thinking of something serious so that you don’t get disappointed. In the following we have listed the represented age groups for you. The app is official for ages 18+.

You can find your Tinder profile either on the tinder website.

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online dating tips : Precisely why folks probably should not carry out online dating service – If on the net and also

Today, the Allianz Group’s business goes beyond the core of insurance. The subsidiary Allianz X invests in digital growth companies that operate in the ecosystem of insurance services. In an interview with STRG-ALT-ENTF, CEO Dr. Nazim Cetin on his path to Allianz X, what is important to him when it comes to investments and what the business model of insurance companies may look like in the future.

New ideas for agriculture – with artificial intelligence! Tanja Böhm, Head of Corporate Affairs at Microsoft Germany, recently gave a keynote on this topic at Bitkom’s Digital Farming Conference. How Artificial Intelligence can already be used in agriculture today and also helps with environmental protection, all of this is in the new sequence of Ctrl-Alt-Del.

How will we work in the future? We spoke about this topic at our last Bitkom @ eight with Björn Böhning, State Secretary in the Federal Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs. In our new episode of Ctrl-Alt-Del, you can find out which rules he envisions for New Work and which role AI will play in our work in the future. Have fun!

Leadership was the topic of Aya Jaff’s Closing Keynote at 2019. “How to lead with optimism” – the 23-year-old programmer and founder of the Codesign Fayctory agency presented six lessons that she has learned on her way in tech companies and NGOs learned.

Ever heard of Roboy? As the name suggests, it is a robot that should one day be just as good as a human body. A team from Autodesk headed by Rafael Hostettler has set itself this ambitious goal.

In his talk at, Rafael Hostettler reveals how such a vision becomes the future, what role culture plays in the company and why it is so important to make mistakes. We have prepared the lecture for you again as a podcast. Have fun!

The craftsmen platform MyHammer has been bringing craftsmen and private clients together since 2005. Claudia Frese has been CEO of MyHammer since 2013 and has established the company as a market leader. In an interview with STRG-ALT-ENTF, she explains, among other things, which services are most in demand, what she is planning for the future, why digitization in the craft still has a long way to go and why she is the perfect MyHammer customer herself.

Whether by direct debit, invoice or credit card – you can now choose from numerous payment options in almost every online shop. Miriam Wohlfarth explained to us that this has not always been the case and what role digital technologies play in making payment transactions on the Internet increasingly secure.

The RatePay founder reports in Ctrl-Alt-Del how the idea of ​​founding her own FinTech came about and what experiences she has had in RatePay for almost ten years.

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online dating tips : The key reason why individuals should never conduct online dating – If on the internet or

If you use Tinder, you can certainly use some help at the beginning. If you follow the tips below, you can look forward to lots of new dates soon.

Tinder has turned the dating market upside down. It has never been so easy to meet new people, to find love or to make sexual acquaintances. Even so, getting started with the dating app is not necessarily easy for everyone. The following Tinder tips will help you avoid the worst mistakes.

What is important when flirting on Tinder? As is so often the case, the first impression counts here too. But there are also a few other things to consider.

The profile picture is probably the most important point. Tinder internal statistics have shown that people who laugh in their picture and look directly into the camera are particularly successful with their counterparts.

You should also be shown on it alone. Nobody wants to have to guess which person is actually available in the photo.

Profile picture, second. Even if it’s difficult, your picture should be authentic and reveal something about your personality. But it’s not about posing in a typical environment for your everyday life. For example, workout pictures are an extremely poor choice. Mirror selfies also make you rather unattractive.

Tinder’s Smart Photos feature can help here. The app analyzes, among other things, the swipe behavior of users and at the end looks for the selfie of you that is best received by others.

Sure, you want to make the best possible impression. But that doesn’t mean that you should cheat yourself 15 years younger and 10 centimeters taller. At the latest at the first meeting, the lying is noticed anyway. The organic area at Tinder should definitely not be left empty. The better and more honestly you can stage yourself, the better matches and dates will be.

Before you start the conversation with a sordid “Hello, how are you?” prefers to think again. If you can’t come up with a crisp saying, use a funny GIF or funny emojis. After all, it’s also about making the other person curious. In addition, a fun introduction loosens the mood.

If the entry is successful, it is important to stay on the ball. It’s best to ask a few things about each other’s profile. This shows that you have dealt with the person and signals real interest.

On the other hand, of course, you have to make sure that the other person is also curious about you. A few interesting bits of information about you instead of your whole life story should be enough.

An exchange is nice, but you shouldn’t hesitate too long. In the end it’s a face-to-face meeting, so why not ask for the number and a first date after a few messages?

If the first date is within reach, you can’t let up. The more unusual the better. You shouldn’t forget that your date will also meet other potential candidates. It is therefore particularly advisable to be remembered. Whether baking cookies together or an escape room is up to your imagination.

As is so often the case, all beginnings can be difficult with Tinder – unless you are natural. With the right Tinder tips, it will also work for everyone who may still find it difficult. In any case, it is important that you always remain as authentic and honest as possible.

Already knew? In addition to dating, the app also has other advantages. At American universities, for example, Tinder is used to get to know other students on campus.