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In the talk with STRG-ALT-ENTF, Nicole Ofenloch-Wendel, Cognitive Solutions Leader at IBM, cleared up the most common myths about AI and focused on the opportunities as well as mere marketing promises.

Germany’s largest AI event, the Big Data AI Summit in Berlin on April 1st and 2nd, 2020, also offers more on this topic:

The digital year 2019 is slowly coming down – reason for us to start again and look back on the highlights of the year from STRG-ALT-ENTF. We discuss the most important tech topics in 2019: Cybercrime, copyright, women in the tech world, 5G, artificial intelligence, new work, the future of payment, e-mobility and tips for startup founders. And finally, let’s take a look at the digital crystal ball.

The first taxi app that brought drivers and passengers together – that was MyTaxi. Today the company is called FREE NOW, is part of the ride-hailing joint venture between BMW and Daimler and offers Mobility as a Service. How we will move in the future, what different mobility requirements people have, what FREE NOW is planning for this and where politicians should adapt the rules of the game, that is what Europe CEO Eckart Diepenhorst recently explained to us in his keynote at the Digital Mobility Conference.

Julian Teicke is planning nothing less than the digital revolution of the insurance industry with wefox. He says: Insurance has degenerated into a product that confuses and scares people. And that should change with wefox. How he and his team want to achieve this, why the work culture plays a major role at wefox, what his most important learnings are as a founder and why he actually never wanted to work in the insurance industry – he reveals that and more in an interview with Ctrl-Alt-Del .

One of the pioneers in artificial intelligence and machine learning is the tech group IBM. Using its AI expertise, IBM has teamed up with a major fashion brand to address the most pressing problem facing online retailers: returns. IBM expert Mirko Minnich recently presented at the Digital Retail Conference how returns can be better predicted using machine learning and how online retailers can significantly reduce their costs.

Online shop, marketplace, tech company – Zalando is all of this. To make it as easy as possible for potential customers to find and buy suitable clothing for themselves, Anne Pascual and her team ensure the best possible user experience. As Vice President Product Design at Zalando, she deals with the topics of customer journeys, user interfaces and the perfect shopping experience. What is good product design? What role does artificial intelligence play in approaching customers individually? And how do I find the perfect outfit? Anne Pascual explains that and more with Ctrl-Alt-Del.

Not only how you work is important in the course of New Work, but also with whom.

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