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Today, the Allianz Group’s business goes beyond the core of insurance. The subsidiary Allianz X invests in digital growth companies that operate in the ecosystem of insurance services. In an interview with STRG-ALT-ENTF, CEO Dr. Nazim Cetin on his path to Allianz X, what is important to him when it comes to investments and what the business model of insurance companies may look like in the future.

New ideas for agriculture – with artificial intelligence! Tanja Böhm, Head of Corporate Affairs at Microsoft Germany, recently gave a keynote on this topic at Bitkom’s Digital Farming Conference. How Artificial Intelligence can already be used in agriculture today and also helps with environmental protection, all of this is in the new sequence of Ctrl-Alt-Del.

How will we work in the future? We spoke about this topic at our last Bitkom @ eight with Björn Böhning, State Secretary in the Federal Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs. In our new episode of Ctrl-Alt-Del, you can find out which rules he envisions for New Work and which role AI will play in our work in the future. Have fun!

Leadership was the topic of Aya Jaff’s Closing Keynote at 2019. “How to lead with optimism” – the 23-year-old programmer and founder of the Codesign Fayctory agency presented six lessons that she has learned on her way in tech companies and NGOs learned.

Ever heard of Roboy? As the name suggests, it is a robot that should one day be just as good as a human body. A team from Autodesk headed by Rafael Hostettler has set itself this ambitious goal.

In his talk at, Rafael Hostettler reveals how such a vision becomes the future, what role culture plays in the company and why it is so important to make mistakes. We have prepared the lecture for you again as a podcast. Have fun!

The craftsmen platform MyHammer has been bringing craftsmen and private clients together since 2005. Claudia Frese has been CEO of MyHammer since 2013 and has established the company as a market leader. In an interview with STRG-ALT-ENTF, she explains, among other things, which services are most in demand, what she is planning for the future, why digitization in the craft still has a long way to go and why she is the perfect MyHammer customer herself.

Whether by direct debit, invoice or credit card – you can now choose from numerous payment options in almost every online shop. Miriam Wohlfarth explained to us that this has not always been the case and what role digital technologies play in making payment transactions on the Internet increasingly secure.

The RatePay founder reports in Ctrl-Alt-Del how the idea of ​​founding her own FinTech came about and what experiences she has had in RatePay for almost ten years.

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