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online dating tips : The reason folks should not conduct internet dating – Whether on the internet or perhaps

“If you want to be on the safe side, take a witness with you who can confirm the content of the letter and the task at the post office.” Of course, it is important to cancel in good time before the notice period so that you do not run into time with this procedure.

Schnuckiputzi123 or R. from K. – how much should you reveal about yourself when dating online? “The search for a partner is basically connected with disclosing very personal data,” says Clemens Adori. “You should also know that there are many regulations in the Federal Data Protection Act for dating portals that regulate the safe handling of personal data.” But the lawyer warns: “When giving personal data, you shouldn’t just keep the potential partners in mind but also those with whom you don’t want to stay in long-term contact. ”He advises:“ The profile data should therefore initially be rather economical. After making contact, you can then provide more information if you are reasonably aware of who you are dealing with. “

In order not to fall behind at the first meeting with the chosen one, it is advisable to provide honest information right from the start. Because great love shouldn’t begin with a lie …

Unfortunately not only singles use the dating sites on the Internet. More and more criminals are targeting users’ data and money. They use fictional profiles to get personal information and more from love-hungry women and men. A study shows: 58 percent of all users of dating apps and online dating agencies have already fallen victim to fraudsters. The two classic cases: Many criminals use a fake profile and feign great love in order to then beg for money. Other scammers like to threaten to publish the ambiguous photos and videos they received in the supposedly real chat.

If you have a watchful eye, nothing stands in the way of a successful partner search. And who knows: once you’ve taken the first step and registered on a reputable platform, you may soon meet the right person with whom you would like to spend the rest of your life.

She loves chocolate and her hometown Kevelaer on the Lower Rhine – which she also likes to share. Fortunately for her, the only thing missing is a horde of brownies who do the household for her. So that she can concentrate on what is really fun.

Clemens Adori is a partner at the SCHULZ KLUGE PARTNER law firm in Berlin. He is a specialist lawyer for copyright and media law. Further areas of law are IT law, industrial property rights / trademark law and tax advice. He is also a member of the expert commission and the complaints committee of the Voluntary Self-Monitoring Multimedia (FSM e.V.). SCHULZ KLUGE PARTNER is a partnership of specialized lawyers who advise and represent corporate and private clients throughout Europe.

Exchanging gifts is nowadays less frowned upon, almost “socially acceptable”, even when it comes to high-priced products, for example.

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